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Does anyone know if there's any way you can make donations of surplus stuff to charity shops at the moment? 

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British Heart Foundation offer a free postal service


thanks -- I'll check it out.

That’s really useful - thanks Lisa.  From the list of things they will accept it seems like they are after stuff they can sell on line mostly, which is understandable

I used this service in the last lockdown and they were great: https://www.icollectclothes.co.uk/

All charity shops say DON'T leave donations outside the door.

Please don't leave it outside of Charity shops as it will just be left there for a long time until the bags split open with stuff strewn all around becoming wet and dirty until someone has to clean it all up and take it to the dump.

I just hang onto things until the shops open again - the first lockdown I still had a clear out, but just kept everything in the same place until I could take it to the shop



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