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Hi all,  I'm hoping someone might be able to help me.

In early April Veolia never returned my bin to the front courtyard after emptying it and someone has evidently nicked off with it.  My flatmate and I both contacted Haringey Council to ask for a replacement bin and they've dithered and dathered since, first claiming that we would have to pay £30 to replace it, and then agreeing that if Veolia were at fault then the charge would be waived.  They sent someone out to 'investigate' who closed his investigation because he was sent to check for a missing recycling, not refuse, bin.  They then said they would send another investigator out, but never did and have no record of that conversation when we rang to follow up.  They have again suggested that they will send out someone to investigate, but I don't have high hopes.

My flatmate is about ready to just pay the £30 to get this over and done with, but I don't think that's fair.  

I just want a replacement bin supplied free of charge, as the council confirmed I am entitled to.

Any tips on who to contact to get this sorted promptly?  We have one bin between two flats and it's getting very full each week!

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Good afternoon Helen,
Can you provide me with your reference number which you should get from Veolia? I will help you with your request.

Kind of you to offer to help, Adam. Can you say who you are please. 

Hi Adam, it's all sorted now thanks.



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