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Hello all,

I will be looking for someone to cat sit my old limpet of a cat for a week or so end of July/early August. I have an old, very gentle cat (recur cat, from Chicago  not that he has an accent) who stays inside at all times. I also feed an array of strays in my back garden, collectively know as 'The Outsiders'. 

I am of course happy to return the favour, cat, dog, rabbit - I love them all and would be happy to look after them...

No idea if this post is going to join the 'sticky' cat sitting one that brought me onto the site in the first place... Oh well, here goes...

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Hello-happy to help out if dates work for me. Send me a message on here and we can see!

Hello Angela,

You are quick!

I don't have the exact dates yet, I need to check with work. 

Is it OK if I re-contact you whenever I have the final dates. Ideally, I would like them to be Friday 1 to Thursday 7.  Would Black Boy Lane be handy for you? (N15 3AR).

In any case, thank you for your offer.

Hi - I also do cat feeding if Angela cannot. You can contact me via www.happydogsandcats.co.uk


Hi Anna - we live near Downhills Park, so very close to you, and I will be on maternity leave on those dates so it would be easy for me to help you out with this. We have cats too, so perhaps you will be able to return the favour sometime, but happy to help anyway if Angela can't do it. Feel free to contact me once you've confirmed your dates.

Hello Sarah,

You are indeed quite close to us (if you live on the West Green Rd side of the park). I would of course look after your cats, always nice to meet new furry ones. Still no definitive dates but it is for a wedding in France on 2.8.14, so around then. Are you sure you'll be up to it with a new baby? I hope all goes well.

Give me a shout if you need me to look after the cats before August - and/or want to meet up before that.

Hi Anna,

We're on Clonmell Road, so pretty close. The baby is due in May, so hopefully I'll be at least somewhat on top of things by August, and my partner Stevie will also be glad to help out - as he says, he's never knowingly turned down the opportunity to meet a cat! I don't think we have any plans to go away at the moment, but thanks for your offer - we'll be in touch if our plans change. Otherwise just let me know when you've finalised your dates and maybe I can pop round at some point nearer the time or we can have a cup of tea at the Downhills Park cafe and you can tell me what you need us to do?



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