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Has anyone had a cat flap installation done recently? We need a cat flap installed into a glass door. Looking for recommendations! Also around how much does it cost?

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Hi, I'm looking for the same information. Thanks
I've got someone visiting today, so will let you know if they are any good. It's expensive getting a microchip one installed in glass!

Great,  if you could let me know how much they charge and if you would recommend them I would be really grateful.  I have been putting it off as I was worried about the price but I thin its time to do it now.  Thanks

It depends on whether you have single or double glazed glass. We have a large door, single glazed, and its £250 per panel to install a cat flap.

Years ago, we used Michael - Catflapman (07850 610 886). He's very good and have recommended him a lot over the years since. I know he still fits cat flaps locally here as a friend of a friend used him recently to install a Sureflap microchip catflap in glass.

Also you probably know Lauren & Alan on the ladder. I'm sure Alan fits cat flaps (07847 380123). He is always good at everything and is highly skilled.

I don't know them, but I've seen other people mention for cat flaps Frank (07775 526197) and Tony (07957 474462) and also A & B Glassworks

Another good source for recommendations is a local vets, such as Hills Vet or Village Vet

Thanks, we are getting Michael in today.

Hi Burgoyne,

I know this thread is ancient but did you use Micheal in the end and would you recommend him as we need a cat flap fitted ourselves.





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