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hi there,

harringay is a smoke free zone as we know but,can i use my fireplace with smoke free charcoal?those anyone uses it? 


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Yes you can burn this (usually called anthracite) in a smokeless zone. 

thank you so much for your reply,so i can use it as long it doesn't produce any smoke.

thank you Philip

But check the chimney first by burning a little paper in it! 

if you install a modern smokeless wood burner you can save the environment and your fuel bill by a factor of five.

Then buy a pallet breaker and become good at sourcing free wood, you can stick it to the man where it hurts and boast about it whilst hanging out in crouch end with the bearded, idle, overprivaledged and mostly unnecessary. :)

Get the chimney cleaned first, whatever you do, there might 30 years of crap up there.

Marta, just to be aware that if you are using a fireplace that hasn't been used for a long time, you need to be really careful.  I had a guy from Hetas come to give me advice on bringing a fireplace back into use and he scared the pants off me somewhat! there are apparently all sorts of regulations to meet now. I think probably most people ignore these when they are bringing their old fireplaces/flues back into use, but at the very least, get a carbon monoxide detector!


Appreciate the awareness,so im having a professional to clean and assess the use this coming week.

Thank you for all the great information
If you get a wood burner installed you get the protection from the tubing up the chimney, so much less chance of leakage into bedrooms etc.

But yeah, carbon monoxide detector is a must and ideally get a Hetas person to install everything.

Also houses move, cracks appear, what was safe one year, isn't the next, so you need to be getting someone around ideally every year for a sweep and inspection.

Don't forget to build a log store somewhere and start drying out next years wood now.
It's not just leakage into the rooms, wood fires don't burn as hot so you get more residue in the chimney and chance of a chimney fire. That's why almost any company installing will want to line your chimney.



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