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I'm looking for a few local plasterers to provide quotes for repairing some damage to the lath and plaster ceiling in our ground floor flat near Turnpike Lane.  I've searched the forum and couldn't find anything so I'd be grateful for any suggestions you may have.



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Jonathan Buck, if he's still plastering, is excellent and very good value for money. 07763 135 531

Mark A. Bryan & Sons N8  07973137661

I have recomended him on the forum as have others .

Hi Neil, thanks for your reply but the search isn't working for me, I'm not getting any results back no matter what I search for. Do you have a contact number for Greg?

The problem is a 3-4m2 area of lath and plaster fell from our ceiling on Saturday so it either needs patching and repainting or the whole ceiling needs to be pulled down and replaced.

I have recommended Radek on this site to others (search for Radek, his details are on that post, as are others recommendations).

He did a similar job for us when we found a leak in our ceiling. Can't tell he replaced a large section at all the job was done so well.

Thanks for all the replies everyone, most helpful and much appreciated.  I'll be organising quotes over the next few days so we'll see how it goes.

hi - I know this was a while back but did you find anyone who you would recommend? I'm looking for someone to do a similar job. thanks 

I had similar work done recently by a man called Tom Gill, tel 07972 490128, and can recommend him highly. He can give you a quote over the phone from the size of the ceiling. 

David Browne



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