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Can anyone recommend a good GP in Harringay that covers Chestnuts Park area?

Hello! I have been in the area for a while but haven't registered in a GP yet. Do you have some recommendations?

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I've been registered with Bridge House on Umfreville Rd. for five years and I've only had positive experiences with the doctors. The receptionists can be a bit trying sometimes on the phone but are always really helpful in person.

Bridge House is horrendous. No appointments for a month. Rude and potentially racist receptionists. Receptionists giving out the wrong prescriptions. Healthcare assistants not understanding that BMI is not an infallible indication of cardiovascular risk. Misinformation from the reception staff. I have been registered there for 12 years and after my last experience, I will now be moving to another practice. Someone mentioned that West Green was ok.

Try the doctor tag added under your post

Bridge House is appalling I would avoid it like the plague! I finally left after years of having to put up with the rude and unprofessional receptionists. See NHS choices for reviews and you will see many agree!

Lawrence House Surgery are really good. They have several doctors so you don't have to wait ages for an appointment and they have a chemist right next door. :)

We've lived here for 11 years and registered with Bridge House when we moved here - the doctors have always been wonderful with us and our children. Their booking system is a bit of a nightmare. I've never had a problem with the receptionists other than wrangling over the booking system.

Chestnut Park Surgery at the Laurals are very good especially now we have two young female Doctors, Dr Black and Dr Neary.
JS medical practice have excellent ratings on NHSchoices. I never have to wait long for an appointment and they have a new GP telephone consultation service. I recently recommended them to someone who has similarly been impressed by the service so far.

I'm registered at Chestnuts Park.  I haven't needed to see a GP yet but a few weeks ago they called me in for a smear.  "Does Saturday morning suit?" they asked.  I was very impressed!

eta when I was there I saw a poster advertising telephone and online consultations too.

Yes, Chestnuts is very good. I've used the consultation phone service which is great if you can't get an emergency appointment on the day. The doctor will phone you after surgery and call you in that day if necessary. They also have a blood test service.



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