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Call for blue plaque for Emma Clarke, Britain's first Black British footballer who played her debut match in Crouch End

Campaigners are calling for first British Black footballer Emma Clarke to be honoured with a blue plaque.

The Bootle-born player made her debut in Crouch End, north London, on 23 March 1895.

More than 10,000 people paid to watch the match between the teams representing north and south of the country.

Campaigners are hoping to find an appropriate site to celebrate Clarke's legacy.

Bruce Castle Museum also have a banner, hand-made in 2018 by local women, that is dedicated to and celebrates Emma Clarke. The story (and the banner) was covered by Women's Hour here

You can see a very short film about her here and there is an article here that goes into more detail about her life and career

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Here's a better version of the image your crop is taken from (click it for full size):

Only nine?

Let me tell you something dreadful. I lived in Hornsey from 1946 to 1964. I worked for the Hornsey Journal as a journalist and later sports editor (!) from1959 to 1964. In all that time I never heard a single reference to this woman! That is shameful - on me too I suppose.

I absolutely support the idea of a blue plaque (and more) - but i cannot resist enjoying the suitablility that any football player of note should come from BOOTle....



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