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A BUS strike today. Also, there's another bus strike on 13th. And there's a further one scheduled for the 16th

STROUD Green & Harringay library was shut this morning when I went along. I thought they were on strike but it appears that the staff couldn't get in due to the bus strike.

As I understand it, library staff receive no dispensation to enable them to park in a CPZ (in order to get to their work place), so they're obliged to use public transport.

I've just walked from Stroud Green to Muswell Hill (for the area forum) and back again, because of today's bus strike. The less able-bodied are not so fortunate.

Residents who depend on buses, like me, might note there are strikes planned for the 13th and the 16th of February.

You may wish to mark this in your diary and plan ahead.

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Watching that I almost felt sorry for John Trayner, as he got pinker and pinker and his nose elongated!

Almost, but not quite...

Thanks for the reminder.

A nice objection Stephen, but not thought through :-)
Do you think any company that wants to stay in business would sack 100% of its workforce ( or even 40% which appears to be the number taking action ) ?

Not quite the same situation, but Ronald Reagan sacked 100% of the US air traffic controllers, then re-employed the 10% who were non-strikers and partially filled the gap with supervisors, management etc.

According to the rolling announcements on the 144 bus, the Friday and Monday strikes are " postponed "

that's also what it says on the tfl web site



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