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Bus Lane Contravention - Green Lanes - turning left at Macdonalds to Sainsburys' Supermarket

Does anyone have any experience of this?
Received a Fixed Penalty Notice of £120 dated 5th February for being in the bus lane on Monday 21st December 2009 at 9.40am turning left off green lanes past Macdonalds under the bridge to Sainsburys.

My questions are:
Is there a four week time limit of notification?
Is it worth going to see the video evidence?
There is no 50% reduction in paying within two weeks: should there be?
Is this a done deal?

Thank you.


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Yes you should have the opportunity to pay the lower charge, assuming you didn't receive the first notification letter and ignore it. Get in touch with the Haringey Parking Service and explain you've never received the first letter. They should give you the opportunity to pay the lower penalty. The first letter should have had a nice little print out image of your car in the bus lane as supporting evidence.

I do wonder if there is enough roadway without bus lane markings at the left turn into Williamson Ave to allow traffic to flow effectively as the current layout seems to have an incredibly short section of road (without the bus lane markings). But of course the current layout frustrates those looking to turn left and serves as a good little earner (extra tax) for the council.
I got the same thing over a year ago, however I was able to pay half the amount - I also received it pretty quickly after the event with photographic evidence - it sounds like you have received the follow up notice.

I was so pissed off when I received it as I had only skimmed the end of the bus lane, however, thats enough for me to not bother doing that again. Everyone still does it so I presume the council are raking it in. I agree there is hardly any room between the end of the bus lane and the left turning into Sains - the bus lane could easily be shortened however its an easy earner.....
With regard PCN's.
Always check your PCN (penalty charge notice) for errors. If you message me i can walk you through the basics. Or you can simply pay the charge.
Hello James,
Thank you: I would be very grateful for your help. I did not realise that I had received the second letter: I never got the first. How should I contact you?
Best Wishes, Adrian.
Hello James.
Sorry not able to speak to you: I will try again tonight - Thursday.
Best Wishes,
I've nothing to add from what others have said above but just wanted to sympathise. I racked up £500 worth of fines in one week doing the same thing on a 50 yard stretch of bus lane, conveniently placed before a major roundabout in Hillingdon. It was indeed a fabulous revenue raising device and I hadn't realised I was contravening anything (obviously as I wouldn't have done it five times!). I did however plead stupidity and ignorance and was allowed just to pay the one fine.
This from the Department for Transport; Bus priority: The way ahead ;

When the bus lane passes a junction with a major left turn into a side road, the boundary line of the bus lane should be replaced with a broken line (to diagram 1010). This should commence 30m in advance of the junction.

At other junctions, the boundary line (diagram 1049) marking should be terminated approximately 10m before the junction and recommence beyond the junction in combination with a marking to diagram 1010.

So which have they installed; 30m or 10m? It should be the former as it's surely 'a major left hand turn'.
Thats right Matt, which would make the PCN's invalid.
But maybe folk are happy to pay up ? I have offered to help several people with their PCN but they refuse my offer. Something Freudian going on maybe ?
With most cars 4 - 5m long, a 10m section would allow for 2 cars turning left. A 30m section therefore approx fitting 6 cars. I'm off down there now so will report back the exciting news. :)
Brilliant: thank you very much.
Best Adrian.

Drove past on way to Sainsbury's today. Looked like there was only room for 2 cars but on double checking on Google Streetview;

View Larger Map I'm now not sure! On Google Streetview (image probably 2 years old) looks like room for 6 cars, which would be about right. Have a look yourself when you go pass there next time. If it looks shorter now compared to the Google image then maybe it has been changed for the worst.
Hhhmmm. Thank you. I am going to contest: and will let you know.
Best Adrian.



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