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I contacted Veolia about using their bulky waste service to collect two old sofas. Their website says they collect large items including sofas, doors, beds...Was told on the phone when I tried to arrange that they only collect sofas under one snd a half metres as the vehicle is too small. Even the two seater sofa is just over that. Was told by the operator that in order to have the three seater collected I'll have to saw it into pieces!!! Apparently if I don't they will decline to take it and keep the £20 fee! This doesn't make sense, how can a bulky waste service only take small items? Has anyone used this service recently for larger items? Unsure if the person I spoke to is confused. 

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I booked to take a mattress and then they said no because it was outside and got wet. But they clear flytippers wet mattresses. It’s stupid 

A point I had been making for years, when I and some of our neighbours regularly took photos of dumping and made suggestions about where and how the system might improve.

By the way, during the pandemic I've stopped taking these street photos. But I have noticed that the street cleaners in our neighbourhood are pretty good at spotting and reporting dumped rubbish. (I regret not being able to walk over and thank them.)

The current system favours casual rubbish dumping. It discourages people who want to follow the rules and - like you Catherine - pay for special collections. In some cases the system also implicitly encourages dumping by having an official list of pavement dumping sites.

Plainly, pavement dumping of a mattress, as well as making it difficult to social distance, is a possible way to spread bedbugs. (If you've ever had them you'll know they are misery. And while they can't fly they can walk and hitch-hike.)

Yes, we have been told we have to break up a perfectly sound wardrobe for them to take it away. It is perfectly useable. None of furniture recycling charities are working at moment. It seems very strange that they cannot take it away whole and re-use it.

Because it is not a reuse service,  It’s a bulky waste collection service.  If it was perfectly sound did you think about advertising it on here?

Katherine, can you email me please on Seema.Chandwani@haringey.gov.uk 

How big is your sofa? 3 seater? 

I don’t know who keeps making up this rule. It’s frustrating.

Many thanks, Seema. This made my day.

Thanks Seema, will email when I get home this evening. Yes, is a 3 seater and also a 2 seater not even sure if they will take that. 

Here is the service offer from Veolia.  Not a word about size or having an axe available


PS. If you end up going down the route of getting a contractor for collection please do it via this company.  They only work with certified waste removal firms - ones who won’t just drive to round the corner and thrown it on the street


Thank you, might have to consider that as delivery coming next week and it doesn't sound like Veolia will take it

I know, nothing on the website except saying they collect sofas, tried to tell the woman on the phone but I think she'd lost the will to live. 

I had the same conversation, too big to put in their truck, she said take it apart, I said it's one piece, she said take it to the recycling centre, I said it's too big for my car, she had no further suggestions.  I asked what was the point of a bulky waste recycling service which couldn't handle bulky waste, she had no further suggestions

I spent a fun hour at lunch sawing it into small pieces and disposing of in my normal bin.  I pitied those poor Scottish people in that film, you know the one, awful hard work. 



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