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Hi all.

The three 1/2 bed flats in our house (just off the Ladder) are all owned by leaseholders. The freeholder (who none of us have ever met, and lives at the end of a big long chain of management companies) likes to charge us a fortune in buildings insurance.

This equates to about £800 each (or £2,400 for the house) per year. Which seems ludicrous. I know London will be premium prices, and this probably includes terrorism cover etc. - but I know people who pay £250 a year to insure 4 bedroom houses outside London!

Short of looking into buying the freehold, does anyone know if there's anything we can do about this? I've tried communicating with the management company which arranges the insurance on the freeholder's behalf - but usually get fobbed off saying it's 'market rate', or that the quotes I've sourced 'aren't comparable'.

Any experiences or advice much appreciated. I know there was briefly a retired law professional offering advice in Wood Green Christian Centre - a free service like that would be handy.

Thanks all! Not the most exciting subject I'm aware!


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