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Hello all

I just called up BT to ask when they will be installing Fibre Broadband in the N4 area. I am tired of being charged over £70 a month for Virgin.

They said if other people in the area call them up or register their demand on the Openreach website, our area will be pushed up the priority list.

Could I encourage those with an interest to have more than one Fibre broadband provider to register their interest please?

Many thanks, M

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What speed is BT Fibre please as £70 seems a lot.

I get 350MB from Virgin Business for £27 + VAT


We're in N8 and don't have any Fibre broadband on the street (Virgin doesn't do our street either).

I've registered fibre interest with Open Reach and every single fibre operator I could find, I did it a year ago and did it repeatedly every few months, again if other people can please do this as well as it will help install it sooner!

I've got virgin 350mb for £18/month a couple of weeks ago. You just need to leave, and they'll call you within a couple of days (before you actually get cancelled as there's a notice period) and give you a decent deal. 



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