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Brother 9020CDW colour laser printer - not fully functional, but useful for harvesting parts or toner compatible with various other printers (FREE)

Hi there

Available to whoever can manage to make use of it - likely to be an advanced user:

I've had a Brother 9020CDW colour laser printer for many years now, which I had bought second hand from someone.

It's been a pretty decent printer though with the usual printer frustrations, such as the auto duplex mode never having worked.

Recently the Fuser got damaged and started leaving imprints on all prints (known issue with this model apparently) so I bought an aftermarket fuser + roller as a bit of an experiment as I had half decided to get another printer anyway: 


I'm pretty certain I installed it right but the printer keeps throwing up a fuser error, which suggests the themistor isn't managing to heat the fuser up to the right temperature. The seller has issued me a refund for the fuser+roller but I've decided I'm going to get a printer that's better at photos like I always wanted instead of doing any more troubleshooting myself.

It's yours if you think you can make it work or would like to harvest parts from it. Lockdown project?

The toner cartridges are mostly full. It's a replacement brand that printed far better than the original ever did: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01E9T1MPY

It's compatible with various other models so take a look at the above link.

All other parts are fully functional. I'm just tired of it so thought I'd put it up here first :)

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It's a heavy beast BTW, 27kg. Not one you can tuck under your arm I'm afraid.

Quick update to say this is still available for now. 



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