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Bridge House Medical Practice - Harringay Surgery - Not Answering Calls?

Is anyone else having trouble getting through?

It’s been like this for 4 days now. Up until this Monday they were regularly answering phone calls throughout the day.

My father has a nasty looking rash and he needs a cream.

It keeps disconnecting after the service message.

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I had to call this Dr twice last week, once for myself and once for my daughter, and if you just keep ringing it will be answered eventually. I mean end the call if you get the answer machine message or the engaged tone, then immediately call back and listen to the recorded message again and again and again. I did this and on both occasions a receptionist answered eventually.

They either genuinely have a problem with their phone lines or an overload of anxious people calling in.

Hi all. I called the surgery yesterday morning and was answered straight away. I told them there was discussion re their phn lines... Yes there had been a technical issue that they hope they have now resolved. Something to do with the phn calls being forwarded to other numbers while staff worked from home. They now have a person in reception manning the phns. 

I called last week. The receptionist told me a time a doctor would call back which they did. Yesterday I was at a clinic in Enfield as a result.  I've been very lucky.

What are face to face appoints like? If you don’t mind me asking.

Sometimes I get seen within 10 minutes of my appointment time, but more than a few times I've had to wait more than an hour.

I think they've managed to get a new partner into the surgery, as for about 6 months I was seeing a different locum every time which meant I had to go through everything each time I saw them, and some of them couldn't help with queries I had about ongoing issues because they didn't have access to that part of the system, so I'd have to arrange for *another* appointment and wait for another 2-3 weeks.

The last few times I had an appointment, before Current Events, I managed to see the same doctor who actually listened to me and has been really helpful (I believe her name is Dr Lammis). Of course, with everything going on, referrals and treatments, etc. have all been delayed or cancelled, so who knows what's going to happen when it starts to get back to normal?

I thought I'd update, in case anyone else is still struggling to get an appointment.

I received a text from the Government/NHS over this weekend saying that, amongst other things, GP surgeries are still open and that most appointments will be online or by phone. They suggested checking websites like Patient Access which I'd not thought about, and when I logged in I found pages and pages of telephone consultations available to book!

The only issue is that you're not already registered with Patient Access, you need to get registration details from the Surgery, but if you're already able to log in check out the book appointment section in the list of links on the left hand side. 

This is just an example of the appointments available on Thursday!

That is good news. Pre-covid days there were rarely any appointments available to book on PatientAccess. But I have been registered on there for a while and it's great for repeat prescriptions and looking at test results.



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