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we've got issues with Blue Badge misuse by our neighbouring property. There's one person there who's obvioulsy disabled, no question, but they're parking 4 cars with disabled badges there at a time. 2 of them seem to be issued to another resident. Whilst I'm aware that there's hidden disabilities, the guy using it parks a large van with it that he uses to run his handyman business. Also, the daughter of the disabled resident parks her car with one - and not to take her out or similar, but to visit the property, have parties there etc. I'm fed up with them using this facility which is there to make it easier for disabled residents so bluntly. Has anyone reported Blue Badge fraud successfully? What evidence does the council usually act on? I'm wary of filming them and it's also quite hard to 'catch them out' parking the car and the leaving with the car again.


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 report it here..   Careful what you say in here in case they work out who you ..  Don't sound like decent people .  I grass them up.   

Is a Police matter. they are the only ones that can challenge and remove blue Badge

Aware that Users are called in for confirmation if they should have a Blue Badge

Used to use foot clinic and Bounds Green Road

Where they called in users for Assessment. Had Camera outside to watch users walk into Clinic

One stage they used to have Police in assistance. When users had their Badges removed

Many years ago when Borough Enforcement Officer . Did a joint operation with Police in Muswell Hill

Police took over 30 Badges off users. Did have a local Sargent that seemed to know many of the originals owners. Many was being used after owners had passed away by other relatives 

Best one at a Spurs match / Control . Man parked car in bust Stop and ran off to match.

Had the car removed as not even disabled can park in Bus Stops. Turned out Car was not registered or match vin numbers. So was crushed. Owner was arrested for Assault of Parking Office Staff 

Also remember a incident when Parking Warden challenged a Driver . Who just sat on wall an removed his legs. Never forget Traffic Wardens Face.  Blue badges are now being given to many other deemed. Disabled Drivers

Joke is that the Card has a picture and rules state Picture must be displayed. Majority are not 

You do not display the photo when the badge is in use. Officials can check via the badge number who is entitled to the badge. Indeed a recent TV program showed two enforcement officers stake out a car which the BB used was registered to a 92 year old woman. In this case the badge was being used properly, she was being ferried about in the car by a relative so it was OK.

I too know of a suspected BB abuser. He tells me he has a hidden disability, "Believe it or not, sometimes I have problems breathing". But then he went on to tell me that his doctor got him the BB. That's not how it's done anymore.

I've now been informed that the person who is disabled no longer lives at the property, but moved to a care home. It's disgusting how blunt some people are!

Blue badge user does not have to live in a House. some Homes have people that live in communes and cared for . But still have freedom of movement

As mentioned they have ( Government ) increased the range of who can have Blue Badges

But unless people are going to photograph users and send for checking. Then its down to Police to check Owner and badge

I have a man next to be that has a Blue Badge, which also exempts them from paying for Parking Permits in vehicle.  Plays football and other sports. Was got for his disabled Mother. Who is mostly transported around by another Son

Thankfully We do not live in a Police State 

Bob, I'm aware of the rules and regulations around the blue badge scheme. Which is why I am confident that abuse is taking place. I did not ask for advice around this, but how to best report.

thanks for your input.

I know it's trivial and possibly small minded of me, but one of my favorite pastimes is to sit in the cafe at Sainsburys and watch people flagrantly misuse the parents with children/disabled parking bays, which are closest to the entrance, when they do not have children and are obviously not disabled, and certainly don't have badges. There are signs saying the bays are being monitored but I've never seen any evidence of it. It's just another example of basic selfishness and disregard of others, and Sainsburys turn a blind eye to it. I suppose as long as people spend money with them, they don't really care.

I always wished the baby and child spaces were not next to the entrance. When my children were little it was impossible to get them in and out of car seats in the back of the car in a normal car park space, I needed the extra width of the baby and child spaces. So, imo, they don't need to be close to the entrance, just spaces with extra width. 

The ones outside Sainsburys are extra wide with extra markings to show no-go areas. But these days those seem mostly for the convenience of over-sized and ungainly persons.



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