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Despite consultation results that have rejected the proposal, the Council are proceeding with the road renaming. Today, they issued the following statement.

A legal order issued on 7 December will set the renaming process in motion after Haringey Council’s Corporate Committee voted to change the name of Black Boy Lane to La Rose Lane. The name change will happen officially on 23 January 2023.

It doesn't do much for one's faith in the due process of the council. If they were going to do it anyway, why tease the local population with a meaningless consultation?

The item came to committee on 15 Sept, but the above statement has only just been issued. The relevant part of the agenda reports pack is attached below. The previous reports pack from 2021 is available via this HoL post

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£500,000? £300,000? A timely and wise use of public money?

Consultation? Sure. Twice. And both times residents said "No thanks". It now appears that the consultations with neighbourhood residents were a pretence. How much did that waste? It seems the consultations were in bad faith at least by whoever the individual councillor was who made the final decision. They knew they'd ignore a negative resident vote. In which case let the person  be honest and take responsibility.

During the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic I made a silly joke on HoL about how how lucky it was there were no other grave competing calls on the Council's limited and shrinking funds. Right now Covid is not yet done with us. And many new crises are crowding in. Even the right-wing media are having to carry news items such as the NHS crisis. Including radio news reports just this morning about nurses using food banks.
Other news reports across the U.K. describe people terrified when their so-called "smart" meters show the immediate cost of turning on a heater or stove.

What a time to choose to splurge this cash on a street sign!!

I realise the process may have been set in motion by former Council Leader Joe Ejiofor. But he was not the politician making the final decision this time. So who was? Plainly someone who has never heard of the maxim "All Politics are local". (Tip O'Neill).
And hadn't noticed how many people measured Boris Johnson's Downing Street Parties against  their own personal experiences: for example not being able to visit their dying relations in a care home or hospital.

The consultation about the renaming of (probably) Charles ll Lane was foisted on local people at the height of the Pandemic. That grossly poor judgement has now been compounded.

It beggars belief Alan. The council has a duty to spend our money wisely, especially now. Is there not anything that can be done to stop this? I think its near criminal that the public purse is being allowed to be squandered with this crazy idea. Agreed, who signed this off? We have the right to know. 


Doodle, you replied to me asking:

"Is there not anything that can be done to stop this?"

The simple answer is: 'You can certainly try'. But Posing the question in a slightly different way, you might start by asking yourself  what you personally can do?

Beyond posting online under an (I assume)  anonymous name.

I'd be happy to do something, but I just don't know what. It seems futile considering the amount of LTN demonstrations that have taken place with no real impact it seems.

Have you spoken / written to your / any local councillors about it? Did you respond to the consultation? No doubt we could get in touch with National media on renaming day and explain why it’s a dumb idea

You wrote:
"I'd be happy to do something, but I just don't know what."

No ideas at all? What would occur to you if your own home street was affected?

How about some emails? Or contacting the residents and volunteering to help them?

Or campaigning in any by-elections which come up? There's bound to be a few with councillors who are too ill to do the job.

I'm disappointed that neither Doodle nor anyone else, except Brian Ahearne, has replied with practical suggestions.
Has anyone read the Council's report? - Helpfully noted by Hugh Flouch — who included a link. Here's a another link directly to Haringey's website.

It's worth reading carefully. Not least because of Hugh's point that the results of the local residents' consultations are not given. It's an important giveaway of the dog that did not bark - as in the famous Sherlock Holmes story.

To my mind an indication that Haringey's bad habits of obfuscation and half-truths has not yet been shed. The report contains several more examples.

I can't get my head around this. Half a million quid being spent on something nobody wants and that won't improve anyone's life when there are so many people who desperately need help.

Does anyone actually gain from this? 

With half a million quid spent changing a street name, I would like to hazard a guess someone is making a gain from this. 

Who or what. Not the council. Not residents.

Beyond signmakers and solicitors [deeds] neither of whom will be making a PPE mint out of it, who else? 

Can we get a break down of where the money went exactly?

You can indeed request "a breakdown of where the money went exactly". But for actual figures of spend you'd need to time your Freedom of Information Request until after the money has been paid out and - to be sure - until after the stage for dealing with particular problems has been completed.

 + + +
P.S. At least until the end of November 2022 Haringey F.o.I. replies still pretended that people were not allowed to share information obtained through this law. I've added their paragraph below. I'm very glad some Haringey staff were persisting in this nonsense. It showed that at until recently claims of openness, transparency, accountability and suchlike were blather, bunkum and balderdash.

"This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential, may be
subject to legal privilege and are intended only for the person(s) or
organisation(s) to whom this email is addressed. Any unauthorised use,
retention, distribution, copying or disclosure is strictly prohibited. If
you have received this email in error, please notify the system
administrator at Haringey Council immediately and delete this e-mail from
your system."

I would of course never in any way encourage people searching  What Do They Know website  to follow this instruction to notify the system administrator at Haringey Council immediately.  This might clog up the Council's functioning. 



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