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Has anyone seen or can anyone place these two chunks found in the garden over the past few weeks? 

Neither looks like anything from a Ladder house. Both look like an early form of moulded concrete.

The white chunk is covered with white ceramic.

  • Photo 1 shows the slab from the front.
  • Photo 2 is the front edge showing the ceramic surface curving upwards. I think it would have continued to create a ridge, joining with the side edge in Photo 3.
  • Photo 4 shows the moulded shape on the back.

The second chunk looks like it might have been part of a moulded door or window frame, again on an early concrete base, but this time faced in a red finish.

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It's been suggested to me (thanks David) that the white item may be part of a sink. I think that has to be a strong possibility. 

Could it be part of a ‘washing copper’ they used to have them in the scullery of the old ladder houses. I’ve found a photo on good old Wikipedia and the top is painted white. It seems they were gas heated. I remember the one my grandma had but by 1955 she wasn’t using it. Hers had a drainage tap, lower front. I lived in the same house as her: grandma and grandad downstairs, mum, dad and I upstairs. 

To clarify: my grandma’s had no visible brickwork on the outside, only smooth concrete. 

Thanks for the suggestion, Lydia. 

Sounds and looks like a fair possibility to me Lydia.   And a fair assumption that the white surface was a water barrier ?    The piece with number 12 on.........is that sooted over ?  Could be a firebrick of some sort ?   Interesting finds Hugh.

Air raid shelter? Not a typical Anderson, but someone might have been creative about it. Although I think the laundry copper is more likely.



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