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I've got my nephew staying with me in a few weeks, so I was wondering if anyone has any tips on the best playgrounds in the area?

He's 8, so I'm currently thinking the one on Duckett's Common should entertain him for a while, and I foresee him trying (badly) to skate around the mini traffic bit of Lordship Park. Apart from that, I'm not sure where else there is. Not having any kids myself I don't pay that much attention to local playgrounds, so I'm willing to bet that there some other good ones around that people with children can point me to.

Thanks for any tips!

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Finsbury is pretty great for that age group: the green playground and the rocky area both entertain my 9 and 5 year olds well.

As well as the play traffic area, Lordship also has a junior pump track for bikes and a bigger skate/scooter bowl on that side (opposite from the roadways track, other side of the cafe).

There's a tiny playground at the new flats north of Turnpike Lane/Hornsey Park Road, google Clarendon play area. Small but good for kids who like climbing and a pretty big slide.

Clissold and Stationers Park are also pretty good if you want to go a bit further, but also the wide open space of Ally Pally is great for big throwing/whacking balls far games, especially earlier part of the day.

I'd second stationers park.

Thank you! A pretty big slide sounds perfect

Stationers has two good slides too :) You'll have fun doing a park tour :)

It sounds as though you’ve got best parks already listed on here. Just to add, have a look at the free events The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) are holding at Railway Fields & some of the local woods in the borough. There’s posters on the TCV Haringey Instagram page if they’re not already on here & also the kids Go Ape at Ally Pally was great when I took some kids a few years ago.

Thank you!

Finsbury park or Clissold park. Both have big play areas with stuff for older kids,skate parks, toilets, cafes and lakes with ducks. Both have a nice feel to them too.  Stationers park is ok it has small cafe van but no toilets and not as much dedicated play equipment for older children compared to finsbury or clissold. Ally pally great view and skate park but not that much play equipment. Personally don’t use Duckets  common as for us finsbury similar distance and much nicer. 



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