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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Just heard from one of the staff here that they're shutting the soft play for good. Too many complaints from parents apparently ! 

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Well, of course.

It's just that those characteristics seem to concentrate themselves in that particular demographic. It's less a judgement than a truism. 

It just strikes me as a rude comment in itself, when I’ve explained why I talked with the staff (a bouncy castle deflating on little people is pretty serious isn’t it?), and that they didn’t take it seriously. My children are precious (if I thought differently I don’t think I’d have kept them alive this long), I do demand a certain level of safety and I am entitled to take my custom elsewhere if I’m not satisfied. I don’t think anyone should be entitled to be rude really, yet your comment feels unnecessarily rude. I like the expression ‘complaints pit’. 

I'm glad they're closing it. It was just becoming more and more unsafe for children. It was like a gym putting a pool in, not maintaining it for two years, and then being annoyed that people are getting dissentary.



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