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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a local baby sitter / childminder for a few hours a week to look after my 1 year old daughter. I'd need someone who is happy to be flexible on days/ hours.

It would be great if my daughter to be with other children.

I've looked through the archive here but it looks like most people have either moved away or are too busy.

Many thanks,


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Have sent you a personal message - our former nanny is looking for some hours from January.

Hi Anna

I want to recommend you are lovely, caring and very experienced nanny. She is also great helping around the house and wonderful cook, kids love her stir fry!

She is looking for work locally and would be interested.

Her name is Nesia and her number is 07454255626.

She lives in Crouch End for over 15 years and has worked for many local families. I'd recommend you to meet her. Various local references available.

Hope this goes well!

Thank you! I have now sorted out a babysitter but I will definitely get in touch with Nesia if I need any extra help. 

Great! Sorry I called you Anna! No idea why!



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