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In a hurry to get a tap fixed, I went online and booked 'Finsbury Plumbers' or similar title. They turned out to be called Plumb Force Direct.  Nice guy came out and told me that the taps were expensive, and that I had to have both replaced.  Price £380 plus VAT.  I needed to pay half upfront. The rest when job done.  I WAS in a hurry!  And paid £203 by debit card.  Another stupid mistake. Anyway, Plumb Force Direct never turned up after repeated calls and broken appointments.  I went to the small claims court and still no money from PFD.  I have now requested a County Court Judgment.  Morals of the story are obvious.  Too hasty and gullible come to mind!   Meantime, I went to HOL and found Charlie, highly recommended, who came on time, told me to order particular taps, and fitted them, all within a week.  


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They've got lots of bad reviews online.

Would you please give me the contact details of Charlie who did a good job. We have a dodgy tap so need similar help and don't want to make a similar mistake - thank you. 




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