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Walking along the river yesterday, I fell into conversation with a local out with his kids. He told me they'd just seen a turtle in the river. Is this a one-off or have others seen them?

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There are in the lower stretches in Islington (new river estate), and there certainly are up at the big pond in the Finsbury park. 

We saw one a few weeks back on the stretch just here along wightman. It was just near the bridge and was a surprise! 

Exactly where this family saw it. 

I think they are probably terrapins which are in most canal sytems and lakes that i've been to they can grow quite big and live a very long time. folk buy them as pets and when they get too big, release them into the water systems. some say they are a pest because they eat lots of fish. i've never seen them in a group. hope this helps.



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