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The Post Office is apparently still open for business nationally but has anyone had local deliveries this week? 

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We have - last was yesterday.

Thanks! That's helpful to know.

Seems down if Staff are able

seen vans collecting post from postbox

I've had none this week and friend in next road none for a week. In Hornsey

I don’t think Roseberry Gardens has had any since last Thursday (Friday?)

Seems no post in Hornsey N8 and Crouch End (roads off Middle Lane/Tottenham Lane). Nothing on Royal Mail FB or Twitter. Whats going on?

Not seen a postman since last week. Was expecting a birthday card for my son so I know I have post somewhere!

Spoke with ours last week and apparently they are not delivering letters. Royal Mail social media and website reporting business as usual. 

This is what I suspected! 

UPDATE: I just called Royal Mail customer services and the gentleman I spoke to said they're suffering staff shortages in our area because of illness. This began on March 20 and now numbers are really low. They're trying to get as much mail delivered as they can, but obviously with a skeleton staff this is proving difficult. So it looks like this is our situation for the foreseeable.

Thanks for letting us know. 

See reply I got on Twitter. They seem unaware and website has no relevant info. Very poor service




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