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I see the "My Account" service on the Haringey website has been updated. Everyone's account has been deleted (along with all the reports you have submitted) and you are now forced to create a new account.

You could not make this up.

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I know it’s asking for last 3 numbers of bank account I pay c/tax by cash so I couldn’t complete that section

Here's the Haringey information:


"Current My Account users will have to go through a simple process to re-register their accounts - the process will take only a few minutes to complete. It’s advisable for existing users re-register to [typo] using the same email address in order to keep a record of previous reports made on the system."

"Our My Account service has now switched platforms. The new platform will help us to improve the online customer experience and eventually, also to increase the range of services we can provide to users."

"Cllr Matt White, Cabinet Member for Corporate and Civic Services, said: “My Account is the easiest way of accessing council services and these changes are made with residents in mind."

My experience does not tally with this. It was very simple to re-register. It does not appear that the account or related reports had been deleted. The main difference seems to be that the gateway to the site has been reconfigured and there are bold icons with each category, after which entry to the related area of the site takes place. 'Report It' is still there in its old format (a shame that this has not been refreshed; it is still pretty clunky). Within a minute or two the reports that  had been previously submitted could be accessed and viewed as before - they were all there. There were no requests for any bank account numerals or details - to request those could be evidence of a scammer's intervention!

BAU = business as usual, John D, to save you tutting.

Thank you :)



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