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Anyone got any jump leads and know how to get a flat battery going?

Woke up this morning to find my car (on the Ladder) completely dead.


The automatic door opener thing doesn't work, the boot door won't pen at all and when I do get the key in the ignition, nothing.


A lit sign is flashing up showing a dead battery.


No idea how the battery could've run down so quickly as I only drove the car yesterday.


Anyone got any jump leads and would be happy to volunteer the use of their car to get ours started again?


The sooner I can it fixed, the better.


Would be most grateful for any help proferred.




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i've sent you a private message

I have jump leads but by the time you see this, you may be fixed.


Jump leads are a quick and dirty fix – they'll probably get you going quickly but at the price of shortening the life of your battery. Unless you're in a big hurry it's better to connect it to a trickle charger or better, one of these new fangled intelligent battery chargers which work well.


My motorcycle conked out in the City yesterday – electrical problems associated with the alarm: the battery is fully charged. Another motoring problem down to cold weather?

we have a battery charge Hugh. Give me a ring



on 075 12137404

Quite keen to get it fixed tomorrow if I can, but am a total idiot when it comes to how these things work.


Don't suppose anyone's free and fancies giving up the time to help out with this tomorrow afternoon / evening?


Happy to repay in wine / food, etc!!!!!!

Hi Hugh


I'm on Seymour too - so could try and help. Not very mechanically minded but I do have a car and I think some jump leads somewhere. Although, I note Hugh's comments and would also say that it sounds like this battery might be dead and needs replacing. I have had batteries die completely just after use. Do you know how old the battery is? If you belong to a breakdown service it might be worth getting them to replace it. Otherwise you do risk getting stuck somewhere.




A word of warning.

I had something similar with my car a few months back. I got Green Flag round under a policy I get free with my bank account. They told me that my battery needed replacing - which turned out to be correct. They jumped my battery. After the jump I had some warning lights come on, on my dash. The mechanic said this was normal under such circumstances.

A couple of days later my neighbour jumped me again. Following this jump a number of my instruments on my instrument panel stopped working including speedo & rev counter. With the battery replaced, I took the car to a couple of places (main dealer and a corner electronics shop) - same story at both; with modern cars, jumping can lead to failure of electric components. Solution - replacement of instrument panel. Cost £700.

I was probably unlucky. Perhaps my brand of car is not sufficiently robust. I've no idea, but I share the story as a cautionary tale, hoping that others won't end up where I was.

I'm not an electrician, but I know an experienced retired motor mechanic who advised against jump starts and recommended a trickle charge.


Jump starting may reduce the capacity of the battery to hold a charge in future as well as risk the colateral problems Hugh F had.


Flat batteries need to be nursed gently back into good condition. A modern intelligent trickle charger will gently feed in just the right amount and restore a battery overnight. This is the kind of thing to buy or borrow ...


i sent you a private message two hours ago with my phone details.

Look in your HOL mailbox. Please let me know if you want my help or not. (HOL mailbox is to the right of this page)

James, you're missing something*. Hugh PUT the HoL mailbox there. And by the way, that was not a problem with the electrics on his car, that was god paying him back for not passing on his favour quickly enough.


*sentence edited by site admin in accordance with our terms of service.

A confusion of Hughs, John. I think James was shouting to Hugh D, not Hugh F.


Just trying to be helpful - as befits a proper gentleman.

What's the opinion on push starts? That used to be my standard technique, you just have to make sure to park pointing downhill. Every other Ladder road is perfect. (Unless you have a newfangled automatic gearbox thingy.)


If you've got any juice at all, the magic Cold Start is brilliant. It's ether in a tin, dont tell the glue-sniffers. Dont confuse with Damp Start, that's to spray onto leads + plugs.


Many thanks to everyone for their input and ideas. really appreciated - and apologies for not responding to the PMs last night. It was my birthday and my wife took me out for dinner.


On her insistence, we're going to try a garage first, to be on the safe side, but yet again the kind offers and plentiful advice prove what a great site this is and how friendly folk are round here.



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