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Hi all

Am looking for a recommendation for someone who can sand down the old floor boards in our place near Turnpike Lane tube. Ideally someone you have personally used.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Joe,

Having had a bad experience, I'd really recommend not going with the cheapest but someone that knows what they're doing.

We used Paul from FloorOX - had our floorboards sanded and varnished (I also have another contact who was great for spare boards from the same era btw) and he did an incredible job. Assessed the floors, repairs, sanded, sealed (3 coats) and filled all the gaps. We're six months in to living here now and I still marvel at his handiwork. There are a few creaks but it's an old house.

Reliable, timely and hardworking, I'd recommend him wholeheartedly- not my initial builders who pretended they could do the job and after using decking varnish in the first room, I realised I'd been had...

You can find him on google or PM me for details.

Good luck!

Thanks! I have found him on Google - will give him a call.




Recommended on Alexandra Park Neighbours, Floor Renovations has been used - very happily - by several people I know.

Thanks very much - will give them a call!



Ivan Passas 07971 828115 sanded our ground floor six months ago, he did a great job and he's coming back soon to do our first floor. There's lots of photos etc on his Facebook page Passas Flooring services.

Thank you - good to hear has been invited back.





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