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Some of you might have seen that I've been giving away seedlings. I got rid of the last ones yesterday.

However I've just got back from my allotment where I discovered that all the plants I put in a couple of weeks ago have been stolen. 9 squash plants, 12 beans, 7 cauliflowers and a whole row of beetroot.

aside from the obvious inconvenience, I'm in my trial period and have to demonstrate that I'm actively cultivating it, which is going to be rather difficult now consisting as it does of large bare spaces.

I don't suppose that anyone has any spare seedlings knocking about? perhaps you had too many ot put in your row and could spare them?

I'd be extremely grateful.



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That's just cruel - I'd offer you the seedlings back that you gave us but i've potted them on.

that's OK, you're forgiven

thanks Jo - I'll try adn drop by tomorrow night. how late do you stay open?

I've just seen your post, David. What a bummer. I've just send out another tweet to see if we can't drum up a few more seedlings for you:


thanks Hugh, i felt I was finally giving something back after getting so much help, and now I need more help...!


I have some squash and some lettuces (lollo rossa and tantan). If they would be any good to you let me know

Sorry to hear about your allotment


Thanks Karin - I've sent you a request to connect

Really sorry to hear this David, especially after your generosity to everyone else. I hope you get some replacements soon. I'll email round the South Harringay infant parents to see if anyone has anything to help you out with.

David, a nice offer via Twitter from Budgens / Food from the Sky in Crouch End:

Thanks Hugh - I've contacted Sarah and I'm going over on Saturday to get some.

got some winter veg on order...will contact you when they arrive....Mike



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