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I have considered hiring a machine to aerate our large lawns at the back of the house but I have never used a petrol machine (well the car runs on petrol but thats not the same) and I dont think I could lift it up the steps, does anyone know of a gardener that would perform this service, preferably one with experience rather than someone who would be doing it for the first time.

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the lawn will need sand worked in with a beesum after scaryfying. this is the most important part of scarification and it's hard sweaty work. then re-seed. hope this helps

for this lawn the aeration is more important than the scarifying, its very compacted. I want the sort that pulls plugs out, so if we scaryfy as well then the plugs will all be gathered up.

Steve Hooper should know how to find someone.
A : 6 Barrington Rd, London N8 8QS
T : 0208 340 6041

thanks, i have found his website and sent him an email.



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