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I am tentatively posting this as I know it’s a while till Christmas but I was wondering if, given the rollercoaster ride of 2020, whether anyone would be interested in participating in an Advent window trail around Harringay?

Most trails I have seen launch one window per day but if people prefer we could pick a weekend in December and all decorate our windows on the same day? I think that would give us more time to enjoy the decorations in the run up to Xmas.

I could put together a map of the houses and people could make a donation when they download the map and all proceeds would go to the Haringey food bank. (I will need to work out the details of this stage and find a way that we could donate directly to the charity)

Here’s a couple of examples

- friendsofscarcroft.org.uk/advent-window-trail

- adventwindows.com

Hopefully some of you will be interested! 


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Thanks Clare,

would you be able to email me at harringaywinterwonderland@gmail.com and I can get everyone's details together. 



Hello Esther,

We would be happy to participate in this both in the window trails plus being a beneficiary of any fund raising. We have greatly benefited from  local public donations of provisions to our food bank, which serves people in need, mainly from N8 and N22. Gospel Centre food bank N8 0LT gospelcfoodbank@gmail.com Thanks

will drop you an email x

Hi Esther,

Please still do at gospelcfoodbank@gmail.com

Lovely idea - I'm in


Thanks Julie,  would you be able to email me at harringaywinterwonderland@gmail.com and I can get everyone's details together. 



We'd be happy to do it - I've just emailed you! 

Nice idea. I wonder whether it could also be devised as a treasure hunt with different trails somehow. I can't quite work out how the food bank donations link in. Is there a technology option here to do something funky.

maybe there could be like a race to take your selfie in front of each window and post to twitter or similar. So it could be like a football cards where you have to collect them all and the first one to do so gets a prize. Hmm. Maybe too ambitious. Lockdown imagination running riot.


I am putting together the final list for the Winter wonderland Windows so just a quick post to see if anyone else would like to join us?

We are donating all the proceeds to the Gospel Centre Foodbank on Wightman Road,

Karin x



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