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No mention of the wining and dining. I guess that's not a problem in his business.

That's because Aditya's spoiled for choice, John. And has an editor who no doubt trimmed his stuff down to fit the space. Maybe we'll get a Guardian 'Long Read' in due course?

In the meantime he's right that various right-wing media channels are sharpening their knives. Aided perhaps by calls from right-wing (or simply inert) Labour councillors who felt entitled to automatic re-selection. So entitled in fact that some of them didn't actually bother going along to their ward branch selection meetings. But instead withdrew beforehand. Swiftly issuing letters, some with similar phrasing, explaining why they, hard-done-by, poor things, had been utterly brilliant at the councillor job. But were afraid to stand-up in front of the members they'd represented for three-and-a-half years, talking to and phoning some of those members and writing them regular reports etc etc.

Nothing at all to do with the HDV, of course. Nor perhaps Hornsey Town Hall, nor the misconceived plan to sell-off Osborne Grove home. Nor to lease a huge chunk of Chesnuts Park, etc etc etc. (list continues to the bottom of the page.)

This is a democracy. People are fully entitled to believe in Milton Friedman /Hayek/Thatcher/Gove magic Tory policies. But please let them do it in a Tory Party.

I have spoken to a producer at Radio 4 about what happened in 2013/14 that the media COMPLETELY IGNORED. She sounded very enthusiastic about getting me in to "balance" a discussion with one of the councillors who'd declined to stand after being triggered but I've heard nothing since.

The naming of the Councillors as Inert Labour is very appropriate.

After all, in Physics the opposite of Momentum is Inertia.

Good one Alan Stanton. 



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