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We have been very busy this week; considering it’s the last week of term and we should really be winding down. We have celebrated Newroz, opened a new gallery space, had a special visit from Ashley Walters, actor and Eddie Kadi, presenter and comedian. We appeared on the front cover of the Independent, and in the Tottenham Journal. We also received a bronze award for student commitment to Sam Learning, an online revision resource. We enjoyed a theme day based on careers especially for Year 8’s. This is in preparation for next year’s options. This may be a little early, but we like our students to start developing an awareness of their goals...and the Year 7 football team beat Fortismere 2-0!


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I am delighted to see that Park View School has dropped "Academy" from its title. Not that "academy" is not an ancient and honourable appellation to which Park View had every right. But since its hijacking by grubby politicians like Gove, who would want to deal in this once proud, now irredeemably debased coinage? I am sure that the philosopher Plato has already made arrangements to change the signage outside the old Gymnasion there among the groves of plane and olive trees outside Athens (once Angela Merkel has given her imperial nod). The Académie Francaise, with its penchant for linguistic purification, is already consulting over its new nom de plume in the groves of academe. And our Royal Academy of Arts is to be the Queen's Diamond Stables of Polo, Carriage-Driving and Allied Equestrian Arts - but then England is the only nation on earth where "academic" has always been the vilest four-letter word you could hurl at the useless and dispensable.

Tread carefully, though, Park View. Harringayonline , like Tottenham, seems to be breeding a new coalition of neo-"academocrats". You wouldn't want anyone to think you were mixed up with that lot.



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