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In a telephone conversation with my GP one Thursday morning in May he said I should go for a routine chest X-ray and an ECG.  The following morning I picked up his orders from the surgery.  First I dropped into our splendid local bookshop which opens at 10am to pick up something I had ordered.  Then I hopped on a 41 bus to Archway and went into the Whittington.  The X-ray service was on a walk in basis and when that was done, I learned the ECG also could be done without an appointment.  I took a numbered ticket and waited 15 minutes or so.  No sign of the NHS being on its knees in this case, both tests were completed and before 12 noon I was getting off the 41 in Tottenham Lane to get a late breakfast at the Ridge cafe.

Of course, the medical tests were free, and being an old geezer, so was the bus.  Pity about the breakfast.  I did have to pay for the full English but then, you can't have everything!

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You’re absolutely right Ian.  My positive experience was DESPITE the terrible position the NHS is in.  My cancer nurse does extra hours every single week to cover for vacancies.  After the past two years I think many working in the NHS are feeling broken.

Our recent NHS experience has also been very positive. Which included yesterday when my wife called an ambulance for someone lying on the pavement. It came very quickly as she waited.

While reassuring individual examples here are good news, I don't feel I've any reliable factual overview of local health issues and services from trusted sources. The most recent Annual Report from the Director of Public Health I found on Haringey website was from 2019. Maybe I'm searching in the wrong place?


Ah, our sacred cow.

Many possible meanings to your comment, Maddy ?
Could you be a little more ... hmm ... expansive?



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