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The Finsbury Park Sports Partnership formally took over the running of Finsbury Park Track and Gym yesterday May 1st.

One of the first steps in refurbishment is to remove all the old and unsafe machines from the gym. We have a substantial number of these to get rid of - does anyone want them, or know of anyone who wants them, for scrap or some other more imaginative use (most probably cannot be used for exercise)

Removing them would probably be an act of kindness to a community venture - scrap metal dealers are currently trying to charge for removal.

Please let me know if you can help adressian-heathside@yahoo.co.uk / Adrian 07970705411

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Hi, I posted something a while back that may be of use... Here- http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/bin-cruisers-this-morni...

"I had an interesting experience this morning. Normally I am a bit cautious of folks in my front yard (I say yard with tounge in cheek) looking for scrap after having 2 bikes stolen in the past. This morning though was an example of how it can and should be done.

A chap called Gabriel Murat (in a high viz vest) knocked on the door and asked if a few bits an pieces builders had left out were scrap. They were, so he took them. In fact, I was so pleased he had asked I even rooted through some bags to find some taps I knew were there as well!

He even gave me his card (a scrap man with a card!!!)- Gabriel Murat, 07570 292 212. So, if you have scrap you want shut off give him a bell!"

Justin, Thanks for the tip. I have spoken to Gabriel and he certainly sounds helpful, and while he assures me that he is registered, Haringey deny this. Given that our scrap is Haringey related I think I must be ultra cautious.

Gabriel came to the track on Friday evening and cleared the machines on Sunday. So thank you Justin adn HoL for the tip. Gabriel has papers which seem to show that he is registered. Perhaps the LBH confusion was due to a mistransliteration from Cyrillic script.

Cool- he was such a nice guy when I met him, glad I could pass something his way.



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