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Can you Caption them? - Silly Photos from the Unmissable "Haringey People"

Our Councillors feature large in this month's marvellous issue of Haringey People.

Councillor Hayley:

And meet our six councillors:

I was wondering what suitable captions could be for these photos but couldn't think of one. Can anyone help?

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Some unkind person might have suggested, "Bring on the Clowns" . . . . . .

. . . . . . but today, a whole 18 issues later, HARINGEY PEOPLE has definitely soared to greater heights.
July/August'09 issue, p 11 has Ian Sygrave co-starring with WightmanPaul and young J.J. in a new Cyprus Kitchen sink comedy:

Young WightmanJ.J.(arms akimbo, engaging with a silly clown): "So, Councillor Clown, which Cabinet Post are you in charge of?"
1. 'Dying for a fag'
2. Heres looking down on you ... elections 2010.
Haley - as in Bill, not Mills :-)

1. The index of pollution

2. Oh look, a worm turning, Step on it before it can vote.
A) ooops a camera, I better smile, and shift my butt.

B) Ok... Who's job is it to scoop poop?
For the top one, how about:

"And that, mate, is my electorate"
.... up in smoke.

Very good. :)



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