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Planning Alert - New Green Lanes Betting Premises Licensing Application

Those of you who read the weekly updates may recall that in my last update I mused on the fate of 32-33 Grand Parade now that the planning application for an Estate Agent has been withdrawn. Thanks to a member of this site, I now have that info. The member has asked me to pass it on.

A licensing application for the site has now been made on behalf of a betting premises. Any comments on the application need to be made by 26th October to:

Daliah Barrett (Lead Officer - Licensing)
Haringey Council - Licensing Authority
Urban Environment
Civic Centre
High Road
Wood Green

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For goodness sake, do we really need another betting shop? I'm trying to think what else could come in to add a bit of variety and actually run profitably, but surely the needs of gamblers are more than fulfilled with the 3-4 shops already here...
Yup! If you look at the news archive for 31st Aug, you see that the infamous Mario Petrou successfully co-ordinated a campaign against a gaming arcade. Sadly, he dosen't believe in computers. So let's hope he gets to haer about this application through another route!
Further info: If you decide to write to Daliah about this it is important to bear in mind that there are very few grounds on which a gambling license can be rejected: Daliah intimated that crime and disorder is the most likely to be successful - I believe the other is corruption of youth or particularly vulnerable people.
I'll give you 33-1 it gets refused!



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