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Consultation Feedback [Report] on the Wood Green SPD - The Buses Only Issue.

I've attached the full document. Section 2) refers - erroneously - to a petition against pedestrianisation. Page 9 states:

In relation to a bus-only High Road, the SPD to make it clearer that no
commitment would be given to such a proposal without a thorough
review and analysis of the likely traffic impacts on surrounding streets,
and consultation of stakeholders and the local community.

This leaves plenty of scope for avoiding asking us by defining the terms 'surrounding streets' and 'community' to exclude the Ladder area and it fails to give a specific commitment to traffic surveying and modelling. Given Haringey's record in relation to traffic planning - sic. Williamson Road fiasco - the phrase 'thorough review and analysis of the likely traffic impacts on surrounding streets' means very little. The planning regulations require traffic impact assessment and we've seen what a hash they made of that.

In the appendices, the figure of 450 is given rather than the 600+ for the petition. On page 3 it is stated that there were 73 representations consisting of: 38+24+15. This adds up to 77 and doesn't recognise our representations. Page 4 includes:

Printed objections to the bus only High Road proposal – 35 signatories This must be the proposal that Hugh was told wasn't in the document when he handed the petition in.

I'm afraid the document doesn't foster tremendous confidence in the Council's ability with numbers or the veracity of its claims around consultation and communication.

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This is a bit worrying. I tried reading the document but had to admit defeat when I got to the section showing what people had said - it was unreadable unless you turned your monitor on its side (unless there is a more techy way to get round this). Not that impressive, don't they realise some people will be reading this electronically.

What happens next? Agree with Paul that a huge amount will rest on what they mean by 'surrounding streets'.
Alison if you save it to your computer; open the doc from your file manager and then click on view / rotate view - reading will be easier.
It has completely missed off the written petition of 170 signatures which people worked so hard to collect.

I will be writing to ask why and request that and ammendement is added before it goes to committe.



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