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All this talk of Traffic.....what is Haringey's casualty rate improvement record? NOT GOOD

See the table below from TfL. It showa that in the last year for which there are complete records Haringey is only one of four outer London Boroughs where road casulaties increased over the previous year - or put another way it's record on casualty imrpovement is in the bottom 20%.

It comes 12th out of 20 on terms of the number of accidents.

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I still think cycling needs to be regulated, and some basic trafic training offered to some.
And cyclists do not have a god given right of way either. Again, I appreciate there are tons of idiot drivers out there, but I do not accept that cyclists are innocent and blameless.
Yes, I will cause more damage to a cyclist than they will to me, but if I am blameless, it's the cyclist's fault and I am left with 100's of ££'s worth of damage, the cyclist is not going to pick up the bill, is he?
I had a cyclist falling over my stationary car a while back. His bike caused damage to my paintwork. Clearly not my fault. Who's left with the bill? Muggins here. Any way I can tracle the cyclist? None! For the record, I think he was drunk..
Cycling while drunk is illegal. It was not that he was a cyclist... it was that he was drunk. If it's any consolation a friend of mine when I was young cycled into the back of a parked car. We gave him a very hard time for it but not for too long. He lost his front teeth and made a bit of a mess of the rest of his face too.

Like I said, when on my bike I am vulnerable and I need to be looked out for, even if in "someone's" opinion I am behaving like an idiot. Jeremy Clarkson thinks I shouldn't even be on the road! Where would you be if all those idiot cyclists were in their cars on the same road as you?

List of potential injuries that I contemplate while out riding:
Someone opens a car door in front of me, consensus is around 28 stitches and perhaps a broken limb.
Someone pulls out in front of me because they did not see me, anywhere from instant death to broken limbs and many stitches.
Innocuous SMDSY, anywhere from instant death to a big fright.

"Yes I will cause more damage to a cyclist than they will to me" - I feel you are understating the situation here Anette... the cyclist may very well die and you might have a couple of hundred pounds of panel beating and paint work on your car.

Haringey's record on road casualties is sh1t because its residents think that pedestrians and cyclists should watch out for cars. It should be the other way around.
You know what John? I think we'll have to agree to disagree. Although I do not actually disagree with you. I just have a slightly different view on cyclists. Not all, but some.
I was thinking the same thing ;) I guess I'm out there to counterbalance the Jeremy Clarksons of the world.



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