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Can you recommend some trips out to the country (or somewhere picturesque) using public transport?

We have two small children and no car. Has anyone got any ideas for trips out to picturesque spots using public transport?
We have been up to Trent Country Park on the Piccadilly Line and to Kew Gardens, Walthamstow Marshes etc and Hampstead Heath on the train, but do you know of any other top spots to take the little 'uns this summer?

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Stephen, if I remember rightly, RM 2212 was painted up by Arriva, and was supposedly the last 159 from Marble Arch to Brixton Hill Depot.  Needless to say ordinary bods like me didn't get a look in as Pete Hendy and the Hoi Polloi were on it.  I was about 3 buses in front on WLT5, RM5, although I believe at least one component wasn't RM5.

Pity there hasn't been a major bus rally in Finsbury Park for some while, but riding an RF on the old 212, now a W7 was an interesting experience.  One was as smooth as silk, another rather less well tuned.  A Merlin on the W7, that would be a memory.  The Merlins did not normally come to the Harringay end of Green Lanes, only to the old bus station, next to the ABC cinema.

Where did the 69 go to and from then?  I can't make out the blind in full screen.

I think 2212 was long gone from England by then. We both shared the same fate and both ended up in Germany.
RM2212 CUV 212C new: 2/5RM9/1 4/65 new to Aldenham

5/65 H into service on 6/6A

9/66 AE transfer for 113

67-8 AE from last bodyswap with B2182

75 T

79-81 WW & WH

5/87 HT w/d from service HH DC 1232

10/87 exported to Germany: Clark, Hamburg HH MM 278 rebuilt with n/s staircase 1996 Mr Schulsves, Rosengarten-Ehestorf 

Taken from here: http://www.countrybus.org/RM/RM7g00.html

Info on the 69 as well as all other routes here: http://www.londonbuses.co.uk/routes/069-2.html An interesting site, but flawed by the fact that even in 2013, many of today's route numbers date back to much earlier, some right back to 1908. http://www.londonbuses.co.uk/routes/rl001-100.html

The old 212 was converted to Merlin in June 1969 and became the W7. I was around spotting at that time. I liked the Merlins a lot, but they were too complicated and maintenence intensive for the LT system, which had been used to looking after shoe boxes on wheels before that time.

Rounding the circle for me, there was also a Berlin bus at the Finsbury Park Rally in 2004. http://www.traditionsbus.de/Startseite/d2u_meets_rm.htm

If there were another one, I'm sure many of those who took this bus to England, would like to do it again. I might even try and get myself involved in it too!

This a shot of mine of it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/isarsteve/3531313618/in/set-7215760674...

Yes, Merlins, just as I came to London permanently, the 212 became the W7, depriving me of my w/e Routemasters.  I was wandering around that display of RMs in 2004, and the odd RT and RF.

Looking at the RM listing, it must have been 2217 on the 159, but the listing does not not note it.  My eyesight may have deceived me on the day, mixing it up with 2212.

A friend of mine in Birmingham went to work at Met-Camm in 1969, and one of his first jobs was reviewing the design of the carlins and purlins in the Merlins to reduce the rattles. They took them in strict numerical order, 'I've got some of your Muswell Hill Merlins at the moment,' I remember him saying to me.  The Swifts on the 210 were not as bad.  I got used to them too.  But the locals objected to 'these cattle trucks'.  So we got Park Royal, Leyland engined Fleetline DMS's, about 76-77?

Sorry to others this is a bit anorak-y!  But it would be a good day out if Routemaster 60 were at Finsbury Park in 2014.  Lots of space!

When I was younger I remember going on a train from ally pally station and ending up in a really nice village / lovely country side, does anyone know where this could of been ? It was a day trip out and it's possible we changed trains at some point but I don't remember doing so.

You can get to nice country quite easily. I went out on the train from Hornsey last year to Bayford - think it took about half an hour - and we did an approximation of this walk:


Lovely walk, but you must be careful with this one:

Check the trains are running.  Often a substitute bus only hourly because of weekend engineering works.

Bayford is bit remote, so take your bag of sarnies, drink - water as well as any small tipple - and your favourite energy food.  Oaty bars, choccy or whatever?

It is a bit remote, so check out the pubs if you want lunch.

not sure if anybody mentioned this already, but last weekend we went to the William Morris gallery and Loyds park in Walthamstow...wonderful! it'ss free and is very child friendly and has a great little cafe overlooking the park. the psrk itself is also very nice and a has a brilliant playground.

we went on the 230 bus from West Green road to walthamstow central, then walked about 10 minutes to the gallery.



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