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I noticed that they're doing some work at Hornsey station, on the Harringay side.

What's all that about? One idea I had, although I hope I'm wrong... involves these guys:

I know that a big reason they wanted that site is because the government wants them to rail the raw materials in. The trouble is, the south bound side of the tracks is on the other side from the factory and I assume the raw materials are not coming from King's Cross. Could they be building a road in here to allow trucks to take the raw materials from the train, on the ladder side, down Wightman road, Turnpike lane and then Tottenham lane to the factory?

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Sorry, I've re-read that and it sounds a bit like I'm scaremongering... I'm mostly just curious.
Been watching and trying to figure this one out myself on my way to work for some weeks now. I agree it is a bit mystifying. No planning application was posted and I couldn't find one on the on-line register. The work is also on the Hornsey railway depot site itself so could be they are just trying to improve access for themselves - trains being serviced do pull up along that stretch of track siding but there is/was no made road or path to it which isn't very safe for workers. But whatever they are doing if it increases traffic up Railway Approach (or whatever it is called) one problem will be the parking on double-yellow lines on both sides by people visiting the mosque at the end of that road. I regularly see lorries struggling to get in/out which ends up blocking Wightman Road. That's been an accident waiting to happen for some time.

Over the last couple of weeks the frame of what looks like another engineering shed has appeared next to the existing one. Still can’t work out what is happening on the side you took the photo of, presumably just levelling and a base to run a track into the new shed. So don’t think it is anything to worry about as the concrete works is too far away on the wrong side of the tracks (and how often does Crouch End get called that?). Whatever it turns out to be it is happening…..very…..very…..slowly.

It's an engineering shed for trains. My little boy dragged me up there recently. :)
I took a picture of the gates that they are building last night. There's no way they could fit a large truck in there so I think my original idea was wrong.



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