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Following the last Area Assembly, this From Councillor Carolyn Baker (with my reply):

From: Hugh
Sent: 26 February 2008 07:19
To: 'Cllr Baker Carolyn'
Subject: RE: Parks police - Member Enquiry (LBH/46526)

Thanks for this Carolyn. I’ve posted it to the website. But what does it actually mean? What's the current total spend on the Parks Constabulary? Will there be any Parks Constabulary remaining? Do we know enough about Cabe’s Model to feel confident that it works successfully in the areas where the Parks Constabulary currently operate?



From: Cllr Baker Carolyn [mailto:Carolyn.Baker@haringey.gov.uk]
Sent: 25 February 2008 19:45
To: harringay residents
Subject: FW: Parks police - Member Enquiry (LBH/46526)

Please see below

From: Nicolaou Kay on behalf of Recreation Members
Sent: Fri 22/02/2008 15:38
To: Cllr Baker Carolyn
Cc: Lawson Don
Subject: FW: Parks police - Member Enquiry (LBH/46526)
Dear Cllr Baker
In response to your enquiry below - Recreation Services are tabling a report at Cabinet on 18th March 2008 which sets out the proposed Haringey Parkforce ‘Model’ for consultation. The agenda and report will be available on the Haringey Website on 10th March. The ‘model’ is based on CABE Space’s Parkforce initiative. The attached link provides information on the initiative. http://www.cabe.org.uk/AssetLibrary/1256.pdf .

The pre business planning review budget setting and efficiency savings that went to Cabinet on 22/01/08 and agreed at Full Council, recommended a £200k savings from the Parks Constabulary. This efficiency saving is based on the implementation of a proposed ‘model’ that utilises the remaining core funding from the Parks Constabulary and other funding sources.

Should you have any further enquires please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,
Don Lawson
Parks Manager
London Borough of Haringey

Tel: 020 8489 5612
Mob: 07967336488
Fax: 020 8489 5642
Web: www.haringey.gov.uk
Mail: Recreation Services, Contract House, Park View Road, London N17 9AY

From: Cllr Baker Carolyn
Sent: 14 February 2008 23:15
To: Community Safety Members
Subject: Parks police

At a residents assocation meeting this evening the representative from our SNT said that parks police were going to be disbanded in Haringey. Is this true? If so when and what is the strategy for replacing what they currently do? If they are being cut down in some areas and not others could you specify. Thanks

Cllr Baker

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Incredible isn't it that people's lives are played around with like this. I talk specifically here regarding the Parks Police. No sooner are they set up by the council with great fanfare than they're being disbanded. Why is this happening? Haringey Parks Forum (a collective of parks friends groups) which is led by Dave Morris (man who took on BigMac in longest UK libel case) have been pushing for more permanent parks based staff. Council finally relents but looks to fund new initiative by chopping jobs of Parks Police.

So really we are no further forward as park users. Crazy!
Matt, have I missed the big public meeting to explain the new CABE space intiative and why it is better for park users than the Parks Police?
I've not heard of any meeting but no doubt there is one linked on the council website.
I find no mention of any meeting or even the fact that the parks police are being disbanded on the website or in the recreation services newsletter...hmmm



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