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It appears that Haringey council's attempts to be the greenest borough have taken a bit of a knock this week under the plans to develop the old coroner's court site in Hornsey High Street.

If the developers get the go-ahead from the council's planing committee it will see the creation of a new Sainsbury's and up to 300 new homes at the expense of the recycling centre currently occuping the depot behind the old court.

The centre only opened in the last couple of years, and if it is closed we will have to traipse all the way over to the Park Road site again, which really disincentivises people from this part of the world to take their recycling seriously. One of the benefits of it is that it is within walking distance for many people.

I think it would result in the loss of a good amenity, and hope that another centre can be opened locally before it closes.

Time to put pressure on our councillors again I think.

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Those supermarkets don't give up do they. I remember going on a little march up to the Civic Centre years ago when they were looking to allow Tesco in there. We succeeded then. Of course most of us shop at a supermarket and with the other one virtually impossible to exit these days maybe a new one at Hornsey would suit people.

Yes, I agree a new location is needed nearby for the recycling centre. How about where the Concrete factory is going! (Tottenham Lane)
What a shame. It's a great centre, and so good for us to have something that local.

More altruistically, it seems to be far more sensible to have a location that is fairly central within the borough (which this one is) vs Park Road which is a bit of a schlep for the majority of residents. I guess a consequence of crazy land values around here. Anyone know of a disused site anywhere handy??
The Hornsey Journal has an article about the development this week, and tucked into it is mention that Haringey Council are looking for a new site, that's encouraging. Let's hope their words turn into action, that it's as comprehensive as the present one and it's not too far away. Watch that space!
Near Ikea on the A406 would be good. We could recycle in one trip.
Just a thought - we could put pressure on the Planners to make Sainsburys open a proper recycling centre as part of their development scheme. This would tie in to Sainsbury's desire to be a greener supermarket (ground they are losing to Waitrose and Tesco) as well as maintaining a local amenity - or alternatively as part of their planning obligations they would have to open up another recycling centre of similar location.

On the bonus side, a Sainsburys on that side of Turnpike Lane would reduce the pressure on the Sainsburys off Green Lanes, and I think we all know about the road rage and congestion issues there! So silver lining.

But I agree that a local recycling centre is an amenity we shouldn't lose without a fight of some kind.
I like the idea of the recycling centre being so near but unless the traffic situation at Sainsburys improves I don't think this would be the best place place for it. Sadly, I quite enjoy my little trips to the recycling centre (usually to drop off garden stuff, and usually in the car) - one trip to Arena and I'm pretty sure my blood would be boiling ..
I spoke to a one of the recycling section personnel and he said that as far as he has heard the council are looking to relocate in Tottenham Lane at the old meat packing warehouse (near to Jewsons), so only around the corner from the present site currently located at Hornsey High St.
Is this story about the same site? If so, sounds as though the recyling centre will be there for a while longer ...

Given the traffic in that area it needs a Sainsburies about as much as Green Lanes needs one ...
Would be nice to see 'the empty Hornsey Baths building' brought back into use for ... swimming!

But that might involve a little creative thinking on the council's part.
I have noticed that the Large Supermarkets are installing reycling Centres within their Control
Often offering Green Points to local Groups to encourage use

Seriosly thinking of Taking Glass and Tin , instead of going into Green Collection Boxes and the back of a compacting Dustcart



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