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I see by the list of roads that I had to tick when I signed up that my road wasn't on it. Surprisingly though it is on your Google map albeit with the blue line running through it. So, is it in or out? We're always having this problem here. We call ourselves the forgotten corner of Haringey.

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Hi Madeline,

Welcome to the site. You're most welcome wherever you live. I'd never actually thought of Woodstock Road as Harringay. But that doesn't mean it isn't. Do you think of it as Harringay? (My concept of the area has broadened since doing this and the Wikipedia articles!).

Yes, we're definitely Haringey, the very last road in this corner. As I said, when I looked at your Google map we were just about in there but not on the actual written list. At one time we thought we might be in Stroud Green but apparantly, since a new residents association was created a little further north from here, we're not. So, we're not in Hornsey, not in Stroud Green, nobody loves us. We can't even say we're in Finsbury Park because Islington have taken over that title despite the fact that the park itself is in Haringey.
I'm sure everybody wants you. They just haven't told you yet!

With the way boundaries and stuff fall, some towns/areas end up being split between boroughs. So because Islington have some of Finsbury Park, doesn't mean the rest isn't in Haringey.

If you'd asked me yesterday, I'd have though that Woodstock is Finsbury Park, or if not then Stroud Green. You wrote that it's definitely in HaringEy, spelt as for the borough. But do you think of it as HarRingAy - the town/area? See the etymology section in my article on Wikipedia if the spelling nuance is lost on you - Wikipedia - History of Harringay
Woodstock Road is definitely in the Stroud Green Ward of the LB Haringey. Woodstock Road was also in the old Borough of Hornsey (1903-1965) and the school was one of those built by the Hornsey School Board at the end of the nineteenth century. Stroud Green as a district, in the area administerd by the Hornsey Vestry (up until 1867) and then the Local Board of Health (1867- 1894) was recognised in the Post Office Directories from 1850s; Harringay, on the other side of the railway, was only mentioned as part of Stroud Green from the 1880s until it was developed by the end of the 1890s.

Before the last reorganisation of wards in 2002 Woodstock Road was in the South Hornsey Ward. This should not be confused with South Hornsey, south of Finsbury Park to Newington Green, which was a seperate administrative area with its own council; it transferred to Stoke Newington in 1899. This is the true forgotton corner of Hornsey.



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