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Anyone else make the mistake or driving to Sainsbury's today (Saturday)?

Complete chaos! The car park was almost completely gridlocked - apparently it had been like that for most of the day. 30 - 45 miniute exit times common.

I drew this issue to the attention of Brian Hayley, "Cabinet" member responsible, a month ago and pointed to the likely worsening of the situation once Sainsbury's refit was finished. Now it may just be a 1st week rush, but even so, the circulation out of Wililamson Road needs sorting. There are some quick fixes which could quickly and cheaply ease the situation significantly. Hayley told me a month ago that it would be resolved as a matter of urgency.

Anyone else feel they'd like action on this, drop Hayley an email. (His address can be found with that for all Harringay Councillors and MPs via he main page naviagtion panel.)

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