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£6000 Government Grant funding for home energy upgrades in Haringey

Dear All,

I've recently moved into Allison Road, and after having read many helpful posts on this Forum, thought I'd make the first of my own, by sharing details of a new project in which I am involved. The scheme is called SMART Homes, and will offer £6000 government grant funding and advice for insulation and home energy upgrades to owners of solid wall properties, (I.e. Victorian/edwardian/ certainly all original buildings on the Harringay ladder/ Harringay Gardens).

This funding is only available in Haringey and 5 other North London Boroughs, (it was actually Haringey Council who led the way in securing this funding from DECC) and the advice and insulation measures are specifically tailored to these sort of properties, so definitely worth a look! I've copied the website link below, and extracted the text for reference.

Kind regards,



Cash on offer for energy upgrades in national first

Publication date: Tuesday 29 July 2014

A unique £6.5million scheme that creates a one-stop-shop for home energy improvements and gives homeowners funding to carry them out has been launched by Haringey Council.

The Smart Homes project offers residents across six north London boroughs easy access to grants of up to £6,000 for major green upgrades to their home – such as solid wall insulation – as well as subsidised energy assessments.

Funded by the Green Deal Communities Fund, the 12-month scheme is the first of its kind in the country and aims to make it simpler and more affordable for homeowners to make the vital upgrades that could cut their energy bills in half.

In contrast to previous schemes, residents will be able to get all the assessments, finance and work done by one firm, reducing the hassle of dealing with scores of different suppliers and installation companies.

Haringey Council has commissioned local renewable energy experts Instagroup, in partnership with supplier E.ON and local cooperative Retrofit Works, to offer a simple service to at least 1,600 residents in Haringey, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest, in a deal that will see more than three quarters of the work carried out by local firms.

The project will focus on Victorian and Edwardian terraces where simple, cheap energy upgrades can be difficult because of the architecture of the buildings.

Councillor Joe Goldberg, Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Social Inclusion and Sustainability, said:

"Once again Haringey is leading the way nationally to help residents cut the cost of living and make their homes sustainable for the future.

"We’re determined that Haringey should be at the forefront of green industry, helping local businesses flourish and creating long-term jobs for our residents in a sector that will continue to grow."

Hornsey residents and determined carbon-cutters Norman Beddington and Charlotte Thompson gave a tour of their Edwardian home – which has seen carbon emissions cut by 62 per cent thanks to a raft of previous improvements – as the project was launched today.

Norman said:

"I really wish this scheme had been around when we did the works on our house – not just the grants, but also having the support of an advisor who could have helped put all of the works in perspective and help us see how it fitted in with the other things we wanted to do with the house.

"We are so happy with all of the work we have had done and would really encourage people to get an assessment and see what improvements can be made."

For more information and to apply for an assessment, contact the advice line on 020 7527 4736.

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Thanks for this Nick. Do you know if the grant applies to installing double glazing?

Hi Michael.

The scheme is primarily targeted at Solid wall Insulation, but in principle, yes I understand that double glazing is an eligible measure. Whether or not double glazing would be eligible in each specific case would depend on the individual assessment report for that property. Hope that makes sense, but in any event I would suggest giving the advice line a call 020 7527 4736

I gave them a ring, seems the staff on the phone don't really know much apart it's £50 for an energy assessment then the usual offer of a loan for works plus little bit extra which they haven't been clarified themselves what exactly that means.

I signed up anyway, will report how it goes. Just be careful about the wall cavity insulation, do your homework, I've heard horror stories of old methods turning to dust after 20 years causing all sorts of problems further down the line but hopefully the technology is different.

Out of interest, does anybody know how much would solid wall insulation cost, to put things in perspective?

In the past when I have looked into this type of things, once all hidden costs are factored in and discounted the grant, payback time is 25 years and the like.

Yes, about £2,000 with a grant that could be 75%.

The insulation is 4" render that can be inside or outside the house. The thing is 4" is really thick and would mean extending window sills, re-routing gutters and drain pipes etc. I have asked to see a house where this has been done and that has not proved possible, so I am having second thoughts about it.
Can I jump on the back of this? Has anyone done or taken a close look at external rendering for heat insulation? As I understand it, this is 4" thick which is quite a lot.

I would like to see a house where this has been done. Can anyone help?
Looks like the perfect solution for pebble dash ...

Google ' external rendering for heat insulation ' then press google images.
Looked at the google search, not a single photo of what I want to see. Can you imagine your neighbouring house with 4" render on the front? My initial thought is it would look bad and ridiculous.

But sooner or later we might all see a benefit in it and do it. I recently bought an infra red gun thermometer, it shows the temperature of the front and back walls as very low, so insulating them would not be bad idea.

So if anyone has had this done, I would like to see it.

Search 'external wall insulation' images. Yes it does look odd on a terrace house.



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