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Securing the future of financial services: these shots taken this afternoon around the main intersection at Finsbury Park. They're all within a stone's throw of each other and show the changing high street appearance.

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Same thing going on in High Road, Tottenham, Clive.

This very prominent site is at the corner of Bruce Grove. On my Flickr page I added some links to recent articles on payday loans and their impact on individuals and families.  And about the wider debt crisis - as explained on video by David Graeber and Noam Chomsky, among others.

Pawnbrokers and Pay Day Loans

How handy having one next to Metrobet - borrow the money at 1,000% APR then chuck it away on the 2:30 at Aintree.

Finsbury Park's an oddity though. The impression conveyed by the house prices in the area doesn't give the idea of an area of poverty. I suppose there must be high levels of HMO style rentals then?

Yes; I also associate these operations with poverty, or at least financial illiteracy. And yet there are smart apartments being built along much of the eastern side of FP and a large modern apartment block a little up from the big station in Stroud Green Road. The Finsbury Park interchange is one of the more important ones in London.

As shown in Alan's shot and in mine, these financial services manage to secure prime sites, especially corner sites. These achieve maximum exposure and prominence. The ability to pay rents on these high-value sites is probably a function of their low overheads, especially in not needing to move and hold any stock. We'll never see greengrocers there.

Much has been said about the clustering of betting shops; I think these shots show the clustering of associated businesses. The FP Post Office is a few metres from the Money Shop. It was either Metrobet or the pawnbrokers next door that was a Lloyds Bank branch - so that wouldn't have required a [Planning] change of use ...



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