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The Hornsey Journal would have covered a lot of the area.. The Hornsey Historical Society have an almost full set of that.

There used to be a Wood Green Herald. But I'm not sure if that was still going by the 50s.

There was also certainly a Tottenham paper.

Best place for a definitive answer would be Bruce Castle Museum.

I'll also flag this thread to HoL member Richard Woods who was a young journalist starting out the the Hornsey Journal in the 1950s. He may be able to help.

Can I ask what prompts your question?

Hi yes of course 

I found a cutting in really bad condition involving my mum before 

I was born 1958- you can’t really read it clearly, it involves a court case

when mum had AMONIA thrown in her eye, I just wondered 

when it was exactly and I’d like to read it clearly 

Thanks Chris 

My parents had the Hornsey Journal and Tottenham Herald.

I worked for the Hornsey Journal from 1960 to 1964. At that time the Journal had a monopoly in Hornsey Borough.

However there were newspapers back then on the periphery and the Wood Green Herald was one - it was an edition of the Tottenham Herald which was published by Crusha Press from Tottenham High Road. Memory tells me it was absorbed into the Herald itself in the 60s and became no more than a label on the front page.

Just before I joined the Journal they (London and Home Counties Newspapers) were publishing the Muswell Hill Record as an edition. This disappeared. They also published the Hampstead News, Islington Gazette, North London Press.

Soon after I left London the free newspaper revolution started and in due course swept all this - and the many well paid jobs they supported - into the dustbin of history. 

Thanks, Richard. 

No problem; thanks for the request. Happy New Year (or happier maybe?)

Thank you Richard that’s excellent leads for me to look into 


The newspaper listings at the British Library may be worth a look, can filter by area and time period e.g. http://explore.bl.uk/primo_library/libweb/action/search.do?ct=&...

I've found that British Library listing extremely useful - found local/regional publications I never imagined existed, but which I'm sure Richard knew/knows about! :)

Thank you I’ll look at that




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