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This sleek 1955 Lotus-Bristol MK X Sports-race can be yours for an estimated £250,000 - £300.000.

The auction catalogue says:

Colin Chapman and his energetic young design team at the Lotus Engineering Company - based behind father Stan Chapman's public house, The Railway Hotel in Hornsey, North London - introduced the beautiful Lotus Mark X competition sports car in 1955.

Please show it to me once you've bought it. 

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I visited the Lotus works back of the Railway in about 1956 and may have seen one of these beauties. Chapman went to Stationers where I went and was there around the time my eldest brother was there (he it was who took me to Lotus). A few years later I was a junior reporter at the Journal and did a story of their move to Cheshunt (1959) as a way of blagging a visit to the new factory. By then they were building the Elite and Stirling Moss won Monaco for them! (Not in an Elite!)

Is it ULEZ compliant?

Not even on the horizon back then! Sadly I never drove any decent Lotus, only a five minute run in an Elan. 

Yes it should be - "if your classic is more than 40 years old and is registered for the histori..., you will not need to pay the ULEZ charge."



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